12 Gonchak(dec 22th, 2017) Saturday, December the 30th, at 21.00, in the St. Assunta's Church, Grand Year-End Concert "Te Deum Laudamus", the 26th edition organized by the Cultural Association "City of Silvi" and the parish with the patronage and the decisive contribution of the City of Silvi.

In this edition, therefore, the event will relive the ancient and glorious splendor of the time of Mayor Peppino Di Febo and councilor Floriana Peracchia, when the Fine Year concerts had the honor and pleasure of hosting, thanks to the contribution of the Municipality and of the Region, great orchestras directed by equally famous conductors throughout Europe.

National event "Italy and Regions"
In Ravenna, September 23 to 25 with 30 folk groups from all regions

2016 ravenna01(oct 14th, 2016) It never ceases to amaze our Choral "Judicial Police Lerario "! The national exhibition "Italy and Regions", organized by the Italian Federation of Popular Traditions with the collaboration of the Municipality of Ravenna, and the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the silvarolo choral group was chosen to officially open the event to the great and great theater "D . Alighieri "on the evening of September 23.

At the cathedral of St. Justin of Chieti
“P.G. Lerario” of Silvi the “official choral  of the Force”

(dec 15th, 2015) The Feast of the "Virgo Fidelis", patron saint of the Force of Carabinieri took place on the 24th November in Chieti with a solemn Mass celebrated by Bishop Military Ordinary Msgr. Santo Marciano in the cathedral of St. Justin dell'Arma packed with representatives from across the region. Did the honors Gen. Michael Sirimarco, commander of the Carabinieri Legion d'Abruzzo assisted by Commanders of Commands province.

“P. G. Lerario” Choral folk 


(2015, june the 5th) Another significant success of our Choral Folk "P. G. Lerario" to the regional competition of singing folk held in Pescara on the 23th May at the Auditorium "Cerulli". At the event, "All in unison to save the children", organized for charity by Daniela Gigante extremely dynamic in favor of the Gaslini in Genoa and its scientific research on neuroblastoma, they were attended by 11 folk polyphonic choral groups of all provinces d'Abruzzo, each of which has also contributed positively to raising money.

The choir trip


A Sunday to remember and an experience to be repeated

2013 gita Roma(2014, May the 22thSunday, May the 4th, free to accompany the songs with the evening Mass , the Chorale "P.G. Lerario" took the opportunity to take a trip to Rome to visit the tombs of the two saints neo popes John XXIII and John Paul II. Our group were joined by other people with whom we spent an unforgettable day. Bright sunshine, but not too hot, accompanied our long wanderings in the eternal city where we have, in essence, traveled almost all over the heart of the capital . We also had the good fortune of having a Cicero absolute sympathy and Culture: Fr Maurizio who greeted us from early morning to the parking lot on the Janiculum to take us to where we visited St. Peter's Basilica and prayed before the tombs of two popes new saints. 

“Lu Sant’Andonje” returns


At the Senior Center Silvi organized by New Laser Coop.  

2013 S Andonie(Jan 12th, 2013) Also this year, the award-winning, popular and beloved clique of "laserine" being organized for Thursday 17th January, the evening of "Lu Sant'Andonje" at the Senior Center of Silvi. The festival will begin with a representation of St. Anthony the Abbot to the work of folk choral group "P. G. Lerario" in different versions popular with the superb interpretation of Vincent Comignani, called "Pavarotti" for his size even for her voice, in the guise, excuse me, in the habit of hermit saint protector of animals and tenacious fighter against devil (Lanfranco Loretano).

Italia Regioni 2012


Another great success for the group of Silvi between folk and sacred songs

2012 Italia Regioni

(Oct 13th, 2012) From September the 13th to the 15th  was held in Chianciano the largest gathering of folk groups from all over Italy the great family of FITP (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions). For the second consecutive year, was also attended by our Polyphonic Choir "P. G. Lerario" invited to play a leading role in the national event . Three days of great vitality, celebration, friendship and folklore during which the 30 participating groups have literally shocked and delighted the quiet monotony of the famous Tuscan spa town with sounds, dances, songs , popular outdoor games, parades, and even a race "Cooks in the streets" between the various regional specialties to achieve on-site Pool (our group has participated with the first dish "Taijline 'nghè  lu suche di mijelle" created by our director .

Important recognition

(Feb 11th, 2012) The Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and the Board of Trustees for the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy have recognized the polyphonic choir and choral folk music group "P. G. Lerario" from Silvi the status of the Group of Popular Music "NATIONAL INTEREST". It is a very high award that officially the merits earned by our choir in the field both nationally and internationally for its high artistic quality expressed in countless exhibitions, music festivals and competitions in which he participated in several European countries, both as organizer International Festival of Pentecost, came to the 16th edition. This new and coveted title arrives just when the Choir "PG Lerario "is preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary. An authentic record for our city!

Giuseppe Spedale

Silvi has honour


At the national meeting "Italy and the Regions" scoops in consensus

(Oct 15th, 2011) The choral group "P. G. Lerario"grossed another significant success at the annual National Gathering "Italy and the Regions" of the folk groups belonging to the FITP, held days 9,10 and 11 September in Fano in the Marche. About forty groups from all regions of Italy and the islands offered the large audience, which followed the three evenings the Amphitheater of the Sea of ​​town in the Marche, a unique, memorable and full of emotions. Sounds, dances and traditional folk songs, Italian regional expressions of different cultures, have aroused enthusiasm and participation in the many foreign tourists still present in Fano. The choir silvarola was the queen in its category (folk singing in polyphony), although in reduced training for the absence of some singers.

At lLoret de Mar


Ten participating nations. Depopulated D’Eustacchio's “ ‘ddù botte”  

(July 7th, 2011) Still a nice success for our choral "P.G. Lerario", this time in Folkloric version of Abruzzo, in Lloret de Mar (Spain), where he participated in the International Folklore Festival along with nine other folk groups from different countries. The folk choral group of Silvi has performed twice in the capital of the Spanish nightlife. Absent for concert engagements M° Rocco Ronca, he made his debut really great on an international stage the young accordionist - dubbottist (16 years) Jordan D'Eustacchio who, among other things, has sparked the enthusiasm of the large crowd Spanish with his virtuosity to the magnificent "ddu botte", the diatonic accordion Abruzzo, built by the skilled hands of Marcello Ianni heir of the ancient craft of musical Giulianova.